Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vintage Found and Lying Around!

Hi all, Dany from Two-Thirds Studio here. Today I have a handful of tips to help you gift wrap your presents on a tight budget and with lots of eclectic style! This year my gift wrapping theme is vintage found and lying around! It's supposed to rhyme!

Make a trip to your local second hand thrift store and look for old and vintage ribbon, tin boxes, Christmas records, and festive embellishments. Items like Christmas books and table settings might hold a special embellishment that you can use for a gift tag or as a bow.

Next make a trip to the dollar store and pick up a few essentials like tape and tissue. You will also need glue and double stick tape. There may be other items that can come in handy here such as plain packing paper or plain white boxes.

Now for the fun part.

For the vintage part of my theme I used the sleeves of my Christmas albums. Separate the two sides of the sleeve so that you have two pieces that are approximately 13 inches square. Measure the length and width of your item. Your item must be able to fit within the 13 inch area with an inch or two all around for the sides of the box. On the back side of your bottom piece (the piece with the song list, typically in black and white) measure out the length and width of your item. Now measure out between one and two inches (depending on the thickness of your item). You should end up with a rectangle (or square) with a border all around it. Trim to your new edge. You will notice on each corner a square. Cut one side of each square from the edge to the inside of your box space. The adjacent (uncut) side will be folded in to form the flap that holds the sides together. Next you will need to score the inside area so you can fold the sides up. This is very important because these sleeves are old and brittle, you may rip them off if you don't score first. Glue your flaps to the corresponding sides and clamp with paper clips. Set aside and repeat this process with your lid box. This time you will need to add about an 1/8th of an inch to your item's dimensions so that it is slightly bigger than your bottom box. Use the following diagram to help you understand the construction of the boxes. Wait fifteen minutes for dry time and your box is ready to use.

Other items to make boxes from include hot dog hoagie plates (pictured), cereal boxes, soda cartons, toilet and paper towel rolls, shoe boxes and pizza boxes!

For the found part of my theme I used a wooden box that I scored for $.80. It's a box from 1984 that is Christmas themed and used to house flat plates. Witty and ornate tin boxes can do the same thing! Other found items include mason jars, old jewelry boxes and velvet sacs.

For the lying around part I raided my personal paper collection and my vintage book collection. I also got into my office supplies and grabbed some Manila pocket sleeves. These are perfect for books. Make a perfect sleeve by cutting one side off of two Manila pocket sleeves. Insert your book into one sleeve then insert the other sleeve over the open end of the first sleeve. Hold it closed with a couple of rubber bands.

Things you might have lying around that work well include felt and fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, etc.

Now that you have your finished boxes use vintage ribbons that you found at the thrift store to hold them closed. A little bit of double stick tape helps a lot! For very graphical boxes it is best to use thin ribbons or strings and yarn. Ornate or busy ribbons will clash with these boxes.

For a simpler or clean gift take some packing or construction paper and wrap your present. Take your ornate ribbon and tie around once. Do this with your Manila book sleeves as well. This will add a dramatic touch to an otherwise tame gift.

For the finishing touches look for anything that will function as a gift tag. I keep a box with interesting paper scraps for this very purpose. I have an incomplete Mexican bingo game (La Loteria) that I like to use for tags. I also happen to keep a collection of vintage books. In one book I found a check out card from the library it once belonged to (pictured). Cut into three pieces this card was perfect for my vintage presents. Other good things to use include monopoly money (pictured), tarot cards, playing cards, Japanese Hanafuda cards (not cheap, only use if it's incomplete) and scraps from your vintage album sleeves (pictured, mistletoe records).

My studio mate Lauren keeps this cool tool that allows you to cut the corners of paper and it makes them rounded. This little simple thing makes the tags much more appealing. Use a hole punch and run some string through and attach to your ribbon and you are done!

When people receive your gifts they will really appreciate the wrap and it will add to the value of your gift. It will spark great conversations and all around holiday appreciation! The great part is that it's so easy! Happy Holidays from the Murphy Arts Center Artists!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have trouble building your boxes.

Monday, October 4, 2010



Local Artists and Crafters Help you Gear Up for the Holiday Season

The Murphy Arts Center Artists are pleased to present Murphy's Seasonal Bazaar, an arts, crafts and gifts shopping extravaganza, on November 5, 6 – 10 pm. The Bazaar will be held in the west corridor of the second floor of the Murphy Arts Center in historic Fountain Square. This event will feature the work of many local artists working in various mediums. It will include many of the Murphy Art Center Artists and special guest artists chosen for their unique handcrafted goods. The work of all of these artists will combine for a truly unique arts bazaar.

This event is the first of its kind at the Murphy Arts Center and is part of the First Friday happenings in the Murphy and surrounding businesses. Murphy's Seasonal Bazaar provides an opportunity for local artists to sell their products just in time for the gift giving season and for shoppers to find that perfect gift. The Murphy Art Center Artists believe that art and handcrafted goods are the perfect way to spread holiday cheer. Additionally, handcrafted items provide one of a kind gifts that are not found in big box stores.

For additional information visit the Murphy Arts Center!

or the Facebook page for Murphy’s Seasonal Bazaar.
Hope to see everyone there!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Diguise & Trickery at Two-Thirds Studio this First Friday on October 1st

Join your Two-Thirds Studio artists Dany, Lauren, and Katherine for a group show centered around the theme of disguises.
Here are some of the offerings:
+ Katherine's "Daily Disguises" Painting Series
+ Dany's Mexican Art Creations featuring Trickery
+ Lauren's ArtReach Student Collaboration "Masquerade"

*Guest Artist*
+ Diana Childers' New Photographic Story Series called "Blind Guises"

This should be good, hope you can make it!

-Lauren, Katherine, Dany

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Friday, October 1, 6 - 10 pm at the Murphy Art Center

Studio 204 is pleased to be hosting painter Steven Keller for October First Friday on October 1. Studio 204 is home to Marti Icenogle (Magickal Dragon Designs) and Bob and Moon Stump (Mixed Media Jewelry). Studio 204 is located in the Murphy Art Center at 1043 Virginia Avenue.

Steven Keller's Fall Round Up Show is happening!

Steven Keller is the featured artist on First Friday, October 1, 6 – 10 pm at Studio 204 in the Murphy Art Center at 1043 Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square. Steven is an accomplished artist who paints subjects ranging from photo realistic renditions to geometric abstraction to the frivolous and fanciful. Steve has exhibited his work at many of the art fairs in central Indiana, including Broad Ripple Art Fair and Penrod Art Fair. And, Steven’s work is in the collections of many Indianapolis art collectors. For further information about this exhibition or other events at Studio 204, please email

Later Gators!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fountain Square 9-18-10 -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade

Sept 18th was Fountain Square's big event...the streets were packed, the sun was shinning, and a good time was had by all.  Three different organizations did an art free-for-all, all age venue in Fountain Square (a historical-arts area in Indianapolis). Masterpiece in a Day,  Fountain Square Art Show, and  Fountain Square Art Council’s ART Parade.

Below: Outside the Murphy, James Judd's entry and won Runner Up

Below: James Judd
Below: Two-Thirds Studio, Katherin Fries won honorable mention.
Below: Another member of Two-Thirds Studio, Daniel Del Real, hard at work.

Below:  Here's some of the crowd after the ART Parade...Kate Loar (bright blue t-shirt and James Judd (hand up with a white mask on his hat).
Below: Mike Graves, afterwards cleaning up.

All-in all...a good time at the Murphy and for Fountain Square.

Later Gators,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Murphy!

So May first Friday is on the 7th. Only a couple of weeks till us artists open our doors. But I wanted to share with you a few changes that are happening and you will notice when you visit. Our hallways have been painted white. I know white is boring but it's just a primer, a blank canvas for what is to come later. Also if you missed last month's First Friday then you missed our newly remodeled bathrooms. It's true, They are looking better than ever! In addition to entering the building from the rear entrance you will also be able to come in through the front of the building. The entrance is located right next to where the Dolphin Paper entrance was. This entrance takes you directly to the second floor. And lastly, we get many complaints of the Murphy being a maze. Well we are going to be posting maps throughout the second floor to help you find your way to a certain studio or a certain area of the building, like the third floor. Think of the maps that you see at shopping malls. There are a few other things being worked on in the building that will be shared later. I hope you come see us on May 7th for what seems to be the best First Friday of this year yet!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Earthly Anomalies

What sort of consequences do global warming and e-waste have on our ecosystem? My far fetched answers give you a glimpse into a surreal world in which nature's fury is unleashed upon the human race. April 22 is Earth day, do something good for your motherland.

Digital Collages on Canvas by Daniel Del Real, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Mural at the Murphy

Meg Olsen recently added a new mural to the Murphy's halls.  It can be viewed at the entrance to the 3rd floor. 

Later Gators!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about working in themes. I haven't shared much information about this with anyone but I think it may aid you in understanding our work at the Two-Thirds Studio. For about five years now I've been sketching away in my sketchbook and in my mind. I noticed a pattern that all these ideas can branch out into other pieces that fit the same style or theme. I tried to fight it and tried to create unique pieces that are their own thing, but I always managed to elaborate on them and create more pieces. When we finally moved into our new studio I went to Lauren with my ideas regarding the themes. She accepted them quite nicely. For every month we do our work around a central idea that embodies the month we are going to show in. For our debut show in February it was all about Love. Lauren did her weables couple and I did my valentines cards, we assembled a huge love playlist and served candy hearts! We have done this in March and we did it in April and will do it in May! I guess I can share with you what our theme for May is going to be... The Flower.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looks like something is going on....

Well it looks like things are rolling in the Murphy Building. We've got fresh paint......and I can't wait to see what's next!

Dany and I have been busy getting ready for First Friday (April 2nd). We have will have a slew of new work centered around the theme of Spring/Green.

Here is a fresh cut Sneak Peek.........