Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Murphy!

So May first Friday is on the 7th. Only a couple of weeks till us artists open our doors. But I wanted to share with you a few changes that are happening and you will notice when you visit. Our hallways have been painted white. I know white is boring but it's just a primer, a blank canvas for what is to come later. Also if you missed last month's First Friday then you missed our newly remodeled bathrooms. It's true, They are looking better than ever! In addition to entering the building from the rear entrance you will also be able to come in through the front of the building. The entrance is located right next to where the Dolphin Paper entrance was. This entrance takes you directly to the second floor. And lastly, we get many complaints of the Murphy being a maze. Well we are going to be posting maps throughout the second floor to help you find your way to a certain studio or a certain area of the building, like the third floor. Think of the maps that you see at shopping malls. There are a few other things being worked on in the building that will be shared later. I hope you come see us on May 7th for what seems to be the best First Friday of this year yet!

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