Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about working in themes. I haven't shared much information about this with anyone but I think it may aid you in understanding our work at the Two-Thirds Studio. For about five years now I've been sketching away in my sketchbook and in my mind. I noticed a pattern that all these ideas can branch out into other pieces that fit the same style or theme. I tried to fight it and tried to create unique pieces that are their own thing, but I always managed to elaborate on them and create more pieces. When we finally moved into our new studio I went to Lauren with my ideas regarding the themes. She accepted them quite nicely. For every month we do our work around a central idea that embodies the month we are going to show in. For our debut show in February it was all about Love. Lauren did her weables couple and I did my valentines cards, we assembled a huge love playlist and served candy hearts! We have done this in March and we did it in April and will do it in May! I guess I can share with you what our theme for May is going to be... The Flower.

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