Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fountain Square 9-18-10 -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade

Sept 18th was Fountain Square's big event...the streets were packed, the sun was shinning, and a good time was had by all.  Three different organizations did an art free-for-all, all age venue in Fountain Square (a historical-arts area in Indianapolis). Masterpiece in a Day,  Fountain Square Art Show, and  Fountain Square Art Council’s ART Parade.

Below: Outside the Murphy, James Judd's entry and won Runner Up

Below: James Judd
Below: Two-Thirds Studio, Katherin Fries won honorable mention.
Below: Another member of Two-Thirds Studio, Daniel Del Real, hard at work.

Below:  Here's some of the crowd after the ART Parade...Kate Loar (bright blue t-shirt and James Judd (hand up with a white mask on his hat).
Below: Mike Graves, afterwards cleaning up.

All-in all...a good time at the Murphy and for Fountain Square.

Later Gators,

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